Winter Math Units

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Hey yall!  In the midst of all this craziness I have managed to get started on some Winter units.  Since we have switched to the Common Core Standards and are running with it full force I am trying to create math units that fully align with the standards.  In case you were wondering where I get my sequencing from in my units (math) we are using a series called GO Math so I try to align the games that I make right with what we are doing in the series.  Here is a preview of my new “Snow” Much Common Core Math Fun unit and my 
All Things Winter Math Common Core Unit.  🙂


  1. My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night because of what Christmas is TRULY about, but for the fun side of Christmas I love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Who doesn't like a story with a happy ending, right???

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