Christmas Activities


Christmas Centers

 Writing Center – Write the room with Christmas words

 our pocket chart activity for this week

 MORE practice with ending sounds

 and another

and another.  πŸ™‚  We should have it by now, RIGHT?  πŸ™‚

 In math, practiced matching numbers and number words.

 abc patterns

counting practice 11-20

 Labeling Activity

I used this in a center this week.  

I had my kiddos to label the Santa with 

the cards and then record it on their sheet.

One of our cute ornaments that we made this week.   πŸ™‚


  1. I like what you create and would like to use and make them also. What clip art do you use? How can I get copies from last week and this week? Thank you for sharing. It really is appreciated.

  2. These look like fun. Do you have stuff on teachers pay teachers? I'd love to get them if you do. I've noticed others are saying the same thing…I'll leave my email if you are feeling generous πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Your stuff is great. I would also like to know where you get your clipart. Would it be possible to get copies of your activities? Thanks again

  4. If you wouldn't mind me jumping on the train, I'd also love a copy of your centers!! Thank you!!

    whitneyejenkins at gmail dot com

  5. These are absolutely awesome. I love them all also. I would also love a set of these Christmas activities if your willing to share. My kiddos love centers. I am totally cluless when it comes to making anything on the computer. Computer savvy I am not, lol. That's why I feel so blessed when I find blogs such as yours. Too see the creativity and the love for teaching it makes me proud to be in this profession. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

  6. This are awesome….I am a reading and resource room teacher and these would be great!!…I would gladly donate to have the copies of your centers if you are still willing to share.Thanks Dar

  7. I would totally pay for all of these fantastic cliparts and worksheets that you have made up for the holidays. I checked out your TPT store hoping they would be there.

    I would love for you to send some to me! Thanks so much.

  8. love these activities! if you don't mind sharing, i would love a copy. i started following your tpt store and will be buying the snow packet for after xmas break! so happy you started a store πŸ™‚

    thanks a bunch!

  9. I love your activities. I looked through all of your items at tpt. I love the gingerbread unit and winter activities. I will definitely be purchasing a few of these. Is there any way I you could email me some of these activities? I know my kiddos would love them! I will definitely be following your blog.

    Amanda Walker

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