T is for Teddy Bear

As many of you know from reading this little blog that I LOVE to teach thematically so it was only fitting to work on teddy bear activities to go along with our letter Tt study.  Of course we worked on LOTS of math and literacy skills during centers, some cute theme activities, and then a teddy bear picnic for the finale.  Check out some of our teddy bear fun below.

 **These teddy bear centers can be found in my Teddy Bear Math & Literacy unit on TPT.
 putting our teddies in order from smallest to largest
 making the T with our teddies

Teddy Bear Picnic FUN!
 sorting our teddy bear snack


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  2. What a great activity. We have always had a teddy bear picnic. But,we never sorted them smallest to largest or made a "T"! Love it!

    What a beautiful day!


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