Our First Centers


OUR FIRST CENTERS…So, I begin training my students to do “center work” the very first full week of school (we go half days for the first week).  As you know it can be really overwhelming to train your kiddos so early in the school year, but I must say it seems like my kids surprise me every year at just how fast they start picking up our daily routines.  I start out with SIMPLE centers that mainly consist of rolling cubes, using bingo dotters, and spinners (for my sanity).  Here are some examples of centers that we did the first week.

 color word practice

 letter tracing

 letter roll

You can download this letter roll 

activity for FREE in my TPT store!

build a color word

You can find these in my 

girl Julie’s brown bear unit.

I also begin introducing their choices for after center work is complete.

I use the interactive games from Lakeshore in my Promethean Board center.  These games are FABULOUS.  They are so engaging and purposeful.  

We take it SUPER slow in our writing center.  After all we have only been in school for one week HALF days.  🙂  Here is a sample of what we did. 

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