Organizing Supplies!!!

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My teacher tip of the day…If you are like me when I first started teaching I was at a complete and utter loss as to how I should organize all of my student supplies that we use in Kinder.  Over the years I have figured out more ways to become organized and I wanted to share one of my favorites with you today.  First of all, our kiddos bring in TONS of supplies at the beginning of the school year to be exact 6 boxes of crayons, 6 bottles of glue, 4 packs of markers, (plus other stuff) so to be exact approximately 115 boxes of crayons, 115 bottles of glue, and 75 packs of markers.  It use to be so over whelming trying to figure out where in the world I would put all of their stuff until I found this

little dandy at Lowes for $50.00.  The drawers can also be found at Lowes for about $6.00 each or at the Dollar Tree on a lucky day!  It works great to hold all of there supplies and it holds up really well.  I hope you found this “bright idea” useful.




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