Brown Bear Fun!

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The past two weeks we have been working on Brown Bear activities.  This is always how I begin the year teaching colors.  The kids always love this book and it is a 

GREAT resource to use.

 These were some of the activities that we did for literacy.  You can find all of them in my 

Brown Bear Beginning of Kindergarten fun unit except for the Brown Bear Letter Roll.  πŸ™‚

We also made this cute little guy to go along with our Brown Bear theme.  You can get the texture book and this craft and much more in mine and Julie’s Brown Bear and Friends Activities pack.


  1. Our principal was speaking to one of my Kinders (he had been eating crayons…like, EATING) and so he asked the boy when his birthday was…the boy didn't answer. He asked him again, "When were you born?" and the boy replied, "A long, long time ago, sir" =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Just yesterday we were talking about the number 2 and we were creating a shared list of body parts that we have 2 of (from a cute idea from golden gang kindergarten's blog). I should have known, one girl answered "I have 2 boobies!" Luckily I moved on from that really quickly and the other kids didn't notice!

  3. My class and I were walking around the school looking for letters. I had given each student a letter he/she was responsible for finding. We were beside Mrs. Phillips' 4th grade room when she came out. She asked, "Who has P?" One of my boys raised his hand and grabbed his crotch. I said, "Not who HAS TO pee, but who has letter P."

  4. We were celebrating a little boy's July 18th summer birthday on Friday. We had sang to him, put on the birthday crown, and he had chosen his silly straw birthday balloon. For snack in the afternoon we had cupcakes and his mom had done a great job of making yellow lemon cupcakes for yellow week and L week. She also had lemonade for drink. A little boy raised his hand and said "Where are the presents? No one brought him presents! He is supposed to open presents for his birthday." Made me smile! Would love to win the brown bear unit!!

    Rene Owens

  5. I was teaching my students how we color in our behavior sheets that they take home each day, and one of my students asked if we could "please do something more challenging-er". He also told me that instead of playing with legos, he "rather prefers discussing aviation". Quite the vocabulary for a Kindergartener!

    Jill Sloothaak

  6. My group of kids this year are fascinated with the thought of me having a baby. I don't understand it. They draw pictures of me with child and everything. The other day, one of my girls asked me if I was going to have twins. I told her no and she said, "but you have two bumps…" Yeah, she was referring to my chest. Nice.

  7. As a teacher with more than 20 years experience I am pretty comfortable around 5 year olds. We were gathering on the rug the first week of school and one little girl decided to 'cuddle' a bit, she on her knees and me in my chair. She looked up at me with luminous brown eyes and asked: "Are you old?" I answered: "Of course I am old – I am a Grandma. Why do you ask?" She answered: "Well, you have wrinkles on your elbows!"

  8. On one of the first days of school, one little boy asked me if I was having a baby. I replied no I am not. Then another little boy immediately announced "Well he is right. You look like you are." Lol. I am definitely not wearing that dress again until I drop a few pounds! I love how honest these little ones are though!!!!

  9. We were talking in line getting ready to go home. One little boy was telling me a tale and I said "You must be pulling my leg!" Next thing I knew another little boy was sitting on the floor at my feet literally pulling on my leg…… :o) Gotta love 'em!


  10. One of my favorite students from last year had a hard beginning of school with me. This year I saw him in the bus line with his big sister. I had to ask him if he hid under the teacher's desk, screaming and crying like he did last year. I also asked him if he threw his shoes in the hall like he did for me. πŸ™‚
    He didn't.

  11. The funniest thing so far this year was on the first day when I told the kids we were going to gym that day. After about an hour, they had changed the name to "Jumping gymnastics". Someone in the bunch had convinced them all that there were trampolines and bounce houses coming up! πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for the opportunity. Hmm This year quite a few of my students that wear glasses ran up to me to show me that did not lose their glasses during the summer. LOL- I do tend to ask them them about their glasses a lot. πŸ™‚

  13. Is it funny I have a class of 50 four year olds? Somehow I can still keep my chin and laugh. I do have an assistant and a substitute teacher to help until we can officially create a 2nd K4 room. I feel like the movie kindergarten Cop everyday!

  14. I'm sure LOTS of teachers have had this happen to them…we were studying the "-ap" word family and building words when one of my cuties shouted out "crap"! Most of the other kiddos looked at me as I tried to keep a straight face. All I could mutter was that we don't use that word in school and I quickly called on another student.

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  15. This is more strange than funny, but the funny events haven't quite hit us yet. I was reading a story to my kiddos and all of a sudden felt something on my toes. I looked down to see one of my kids who needs a little extra attention 'petting' my toe. It took all I had not to say "EW that's gross!"


  16. The other day one of my kinders begged me to tie his shoe. I kneeled down to tie but told him that he should ask politely and use the magic word. He said "tie my shoe open sesame".
    I do think we could all write a book with all of these comments! I have loved reading everyone's experiences!

  17. One of my little cuties wasn't eating much lung yesterday; so, I told him that he needed to eat so that his muscles would be big and strong. A few minutes later he said, "Mrs.Wells, I guess my daddy doesn't need to eat anymore." I said, "Why, baby?" He replied, "His muscles are already super big and strong!" Love his precious heart!

    Andrea Wells

  18. One of my kids was frustrated with something and his comment to express that was "fudge of a biscuit". When I asked him what that "meant", he said, "That's what my daddy says when he gets mad!". I think I like HIS version better than what I am sure his DADDY'S really is… haha!

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